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At Greenwell Homes, we believe a home is so much more than a structure.  It’s an experience that can only be measured by the amount of life that is shared. We believe a home’s design and structure should be like a fingerprint; beautiful upon observation, yet seamlessly utilitarian throughout daily life. Our mission is to discover the vision you have for your home, identify ways to make it become a reality, and craft a structure that will be the setting for the next chapter of your life.

Established in 2007, Steve and Stephanie Greenwell opened the doors to Greenwell Homes, an intentionally boutique home-building and remodeling company, based out of Dallas, TX. Our passion is people and where they live.

Because of this we take a meticulous, proactive approach into the home-building and remodeling process. From structural integrity to job site cleanliness, every detail of the process matters to us.  We’d love to discover the dreams you have for your home. 

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